How to Score Your Trophy
Note #1
Trophy must have been legally harvested in hunting season.
Note #2
Virginia department of game and inland fisheries game tag must be presented with trophy.
Note #3
Trophies must be entered in the regional contest for which they are eligible.
Note #4 – Length Of Skull

The skull should be in tack with its lower jaw engaged into its pivoting sockets.

Using a flat surface, put the total skull with jaw bone frame as foundation on the flat surface (i.e. -table), and prepare measurements statistics for length.

Using 2 machinist square heads and scales (12 in.) preferred, engage scales in square heads and stand the scale heads on the flat surface and bring each scale (one at the back of the skull, neck bone joint) and one at the nose end of the skull, (between the K-9 teeth) and measure the distance between the two vertical scales. This measurement is the length of the skull.

Note #5 – Width Of Skull
Using both machinist square heads and scales, engage them and stand the square heads on the flat surface and bring each one to each side of the greatest protrusion of the jaw side of the skull and measure the distance between vertical scales.
Note #6 – Height Of Skull
Having the jawbone frame as foundation and on a flat surface, (i.e. table) bring each square head and scale to each side of the jaw bone and measure the highest point of contact when third scale is parallel to the table and each side of the vertical scale heads.
Note #7 – Tip to Top (K-9) Teeth
Remove lower jaw bone and invert skull so it lays on its top side to a flat surface.

Using machinist dividers locate each (K-9) tooth center at the end of the tooth and open dividers to encompass the spread of center of one tooth to center of adjacent tooth or simply use tape to measure between center point of K-9 teeth as shown below.

Score Your Bear

If you would like to score your own trophy, follow the notes found on this page and the score sheet provided below. This will give you an approximate overall score. If you want to have your trophy officially scored by the VPSA, you must attend and participate in the Annual Virginia Big Game Contest.

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