2020-2021 Virginia State Big Game Contest

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Preregistration for the 2021 Virginia State Big Game Contest is now open.  Please visit the contest page for more information.

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The 82nd Annual Bear, Deer, and Turkey Virginia Big Game Contest

Friday, August 6th – Sunday August 8th

  • The 82nd Annual Big Game Show will feature an Eastern & Western Regionals and State Championship
  • A historical category will be included for bear, deer, and turkey.
  • $15 will be charged for each entry.  Entrants who were VPSA members at the time of harvest will receive 3 free entries.
  • Pre-Registration is encouraged, however onsite registration may occur, entries must have DWR confirmation number or hard copy tag.

About the VPSA


In 1940, the VPSA founded the oldest and most prestigious Big Game Contest in the state of Virginia.


VPSA members can participate in the annual Big Game Contest and receive periodic updates on hunting regulations.


We have step-by-step instructions on how to score your big game. These guidelines are used by officials during the contest.


Stay up to date on the VPSA Big Game Contest and other events sponsored by the organization.

Past Contest Results

Each year the VPSA compiles the contest results in order to determine the placing for each class. If you would like to see an archive of our past contest, or determine how well your trophy compares to past winners, visit page below.