Had some success this past hunting season that you would like to share with the membership? Caught any nice fish this past year or have a photo of a possible entry in this years contest? This is the place to post it. You can send photos attached to email or mail them to me and I will scan them for the site. All pictures must be of good taste (no bloody photos)! Include some short and to the point details and I will attempt to add them when I update the site.

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2010 - 2011 Hunting Photos

VPSA Board Member, Kenneth Poole, harvested this nice 10 pt. buck with his smoke pole in Pittsylvania County on 11/03/2010.  He was hunting a friends farm and took the buck at 30 yds.

photo courtesy of Kenneth Poole


2009 - 2010 Hunting Photos

VPSA member Mark Holloman shot this deer on 1/1/2010 at 8:10 AM while hunting to Cedar Tree Hunt Club.  Mark reports the deer is 24 3/4 in. wide and ten points with two four inch kickers of each G2.

photo courtest of Mark Holloman


Gene Moran, harvest this buck hunting with Farmer's Hunt Club in Southampton Co. on 12/5/2009 with a shotgun.  Gene, says the buck has 17 points and has been score unofficially at 193 Boone & Crockett.  He plans to enter the deer in this upcoming Eastern Region Contest.

photo courtesy of Gene Moran


Delaine Babb, member of Davis-Ridley Hunt Club, harvested this monster 168 lb. 8 pt. buck in Southampton Co. on the last day of hunting season (1/2/2010).  Word has it that the rack is 21" wide, 22" tall and 14' G-2's, 12" G-3's and 6'' circumferences.

photo courtesy Raymond West


VPSA member Mark Ferguson, may well be on his way of winning the "Grand Slam Award" again at this years contest.  All he now needs is a turkey to have harvest all three big game species during the hunting season.  The bear weighed 130 lb and harvested with a muzzleloader in Madison Co. on 11/7/09.  The 8 pt. buck was harvested in Rockbridge Co. on 11/14/2009.  My bet is that Mark will succeed! UPDATE - Mark did in fact kill a gobbler on April 10, 2010 in Appomattox Co. to complete the Grand Slam.  He also killed another on April 17, 2010.

photo courtesy of Mark Ferguson


VPSA member William E. Bevill, Jr. and his friend harvested these two nice bucks with Muzzleloaders in Halifax Co. VA on 11/9/2009.  Both bucks were taken 20 min. and 1/2 mile apart.  He watched both bucks during the summer.

pictures courtesy of William Bevill, Jr.


VPSA member Mike Day harvested these three bucks with Archery tackle in Fairfax County. From Left to Right, the first buck was harvested on the morning of 10/5/09, second buck was harvested on 12/14/2009, third buck was harvested 12/17/2009.  Mike had multiple trail camera pictures of all three bucks.  Way to go... Mike!

pictures courtesy of Mike Day


Jon Clore, of Blue Ridge, GA harvested this 573 lb. Black Bear (80 in. from nose to base of tail, 59" chest) while hunting with family in VA.  Jon harvested the Bear with a muzzleloader in Nov. 09' while hunting in the Hardware River Management Area.

photo courtesy of Jon Clore


2007- 2008 Hunting Photos

Tom Coyne, a member of Davis-Ridley Hunt Club harvested this giant buck on 11/22/2008 in Southampton Co.  The buck's rack was 21" wide, 18" tall and weighed 205 lbs.

photo courtesy of Tom Coyne


18 year old VPSA member Lee M. White III, harvested this 11 pt. buck (his biggest buck to date) in Southampton County on 12-1-07 while hunting with the Davis-Ridley Hunt Club

photo courtesy of Lee M. White, Jr.


Patty Price of Moneta, VA called and harvested this 21 lb. turkey with an 11" beard on May 17, 2008 in Bedford Co.  She says this was her third bird of the season.  Way to go!  No word as to whether the dog helped.

photo courtesy of Patty Price



VPSA member Mark Ferguson, harvested a Deer, Bear and Turkey during the 2007-08 hunting season and will be eligible for a "Grand Slam Award" at this years contest. The bear was harvested on 10-29-07 in Appomattox Co. with a crossbow and weighed 180 lbs. The deer has 4 pts. and was harvested with a muzzleloader on 11-12-07 while hunting in Amherst Co. The turkey was also harvested in Appomattox Co. on 4-28-08 with a shotgun.

photo courtesy of Mark Ferguson



Michael Stevens,  harvested this 10 pt buck with a Matthews bow on the Southampton Bow Club property in Sussex VA. on Oct 20 2007. The shot was 29 yrds and the buck traveled 140 yards after the shot.

photo courtesy of Mark Ferguson


2006- 2007 Hunting Photos

14 year old VPSA member Sarah Faison harvested this 7 pt. buck in Southampton County on 12-2-06 with a 20 ga. shotgun at 50 yds.  The deer weighed about 140 lbs.

photo courtesy of R.L. Faison, III


VPSA member Steve Little harvested this Bobcat during the 2006 Black Powder season in Isle of Wight Co.  Steve says the cat weighs close to 50 lbs.


VPSA member Steve Pabst harvested this deer in Southampton County during the 2006 season.  No further details were given.

photo courtesy of Steve Pabst


K.W. Poole harvested this 4 pt. buck on 11/27/06 In Gloucester.  His father Ken Poole, says that this is his first buck and the first time K.W. has been in the woods in 5 years.   Way to break the ice K.W.

photo submitted by Ken Poole


VPSA member Ben Poole harvested this nice four point buck the first week of black powder season in Martinsville.  It has a 15" outside spread and weighed in at 129 lbs.

photo submitted by Ken Poole


VPSA member Marty Porter harvested this 14 pt. buck with his Matthews bow on his family's farm near Sedley in Southampton Co. on Oct. 14, 2006. Marty reports that he shot the deer at 25 yards and the deer traveled about 75 yards after the shot.  He was using "Muzzy Broadheads".

photo submitted by Marty Porter


VPSA member David Frank harvested this 9 pointer 11/6/06 with a muzzleloader in Sussex County. 

photo submitted by David Frank 


Benjamin G. Murry harvested this turkey on 5/10/06 with a shotgun in Northumberland Co.  The bird weighed 23 lbs. 10 oz., both spurs are over 1 1/2" and has a beard over 11 in.

Update:  Mr. Murry placed his turkey in competition at the 2006 Eastern show and placed 1st. in the Eastern Region with a score of 75 11/16.  Mr. Murry was deployed oversees and unable to take the bird to State Competition in Harrisonburg.  Had he been able to do so, the bird would have placed 2 nd. in the State.

photo submitted by Benjamin Murry


2005- 2006 Hunting Photos

VPSA member  member James C. Taylor harvested a Deer, Bear and Turkey during the 2005-06 hunting season and will be eligible for a "Grand Slam Award" at this year’s contest.   The deer has 8 pts. and was harvested with a shotgun on 12-2-05 while hunting in Fluvanna Co.  The bear was harvested on 11-23-05 in the City of Suffolk with a shotgun and weighed 210 lbs.  His turkey was harvested on 4-15-06 with a shotgun while hunting in Isle of Wight Co.

pictures submitted by Steve Little


Sarah Faison, daughter of VPSA member Robert Faison, harvested her first deer on 12-31-2005 with a shotgun while hunting in Southampton County.

photo courtesty of Robert Faison


VPSA member Gary Ramsey harvested this fine 150 lb., 8 pt. buck with a 20 ga. slug gun on 12-14-2005 in the Dreweryville area of Southampton County.

photo courtesy of Gary Ramsey


VPSA member Mark Ferguson harvested this 190 lb. Black Bear while still hunting in Rockbridge County on 12-3-05.  Mark also reports that he harvested a 6 pt. buck the previous Saturday and hopes to harvest a Turkey this spring so that he can once again win the coveted "Grand Slam Award".  We wish you good luck Mark!

photo courtesy of Mark Ferguson


VPSA member Hunter Spitzer shot this 17 inch wide, 150 pound 9-point, while hunting with Dunn Hunt Club in Sussex County, with his Remington 870 while running dogs on 11-25-05.

photo courtesy of Pete Spitzer


VPSA member Hunter Spitzer shot this 17 inch wide, 160 pound 8-point, at 60 yds while still-hunting with my Browning A-Bolt slug gun in Yale Virginia, on 11-24-05.

photo courtesy of Pete Spitzer


VPSA member Hunter Spitzer shot this 17 1/2 inch wide, 172 pound 7-point, on 11/11/05 with his blackpowder rifle at 40 yds. while hunting in Yale Virginia.

photo courtesy of Pete Spitzer


VPSA member Gary Ramsey with his fiancé Betty Roberts who harvest her first buck with a Parker Crossbow on Nov. 12, 2005 in Southampton County.  The antlers are: 15"tall, 18 1/2" inside and 20 3/4 outside spread.  Nice shot Betty!

photo courtesy Gary Ramsey


VPSA Board member Ken Poole (r) took this 8 point buck on Nov. 12, 2005 with his 50 cal. muzzleloader while hunting on friends property in Pittsylvania County.

photo courtesy of Ken Poole


2004- 2005 Hunting Photos

VPSA member Pete Spitzer harvested this 22 inch wide, 168 pound, 8 point at 78 yards with a muzzleloader and hunting with his son Hayden in Yale, VA (Sussex Co. ).

photo courtesy of Hunter Spitzer


VPSA member Hunter Spitzer harvested this 148 pound, 6 point at 60 yards with a muzzleloader while hunting in Yale, VA (Sussex Co. ).

photo courtesy of Hunter Spitzer


Buck taken by Fredrick Dodson near Oak Park, VA (Madison Co.) on November 13 with a 30-06 rifle.  He says the deer is an 18 point buck according to VA rules, and a 17 pointer according to Boone and Crockett.  Dale Winger, taxidermist in Elkton, VA scored him (unofficially).  He scored approx. 232 (VA) and 192 (Boone and Crockett). 

photo courtesy of Fredrick Dodson


VPSA member Howard Simmons took this 10 pt. buck in Charlotte County, VA while hunting with the Colonial Flat Iron Hunt Club on Dec. 15, 2004.  The buck weighed in at 138 lbs.

photo courtesy of Raye Respress



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