Had some success this past hunting season that you would like to share with the membership?  Caught any nice fish this past year or have a photo of a possible entry in this years contest?  This is the place to post it.  You can send photos attached to email or mail them to me and I will scan them for the site.  All pictures must be of good taste (no bloody photos)!  Include some short and to the point details and I will attempt to add them when I update the site.

Mail photos to:  VPSA Webmaster, P.O. Box 26, Battery Park VA  23304

Include a self addressed envelope with sufficient postage if you want your original photo returned!

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2003- 2004 Hunting Photos

VPSA member Pete Spitzer harvested this nice 6 pt. at 104 yds. with a muzzleloader while hunting in Yale, VA (Sussex Co. ).

photo courtesy of Hunter Spitzer


VPSA youth member Hunter Spitzer harvested this 8 pt. buck that chased a doe under his stand at less than 10 yards with his muzzle-loader while hunting in Yale, VA (Sussex Co.) .  The buck weighed 165 lbs.

photo courtesy of Hunter Spitzer


13 yr. old VPSA member Lee M. White, III and son of member Lee M. White, Jr. harvested this beutiful 10 pt buck on Fri. Nov. 28, 2003 while hunting with the Davis-Ridley Hunt Club in a swamp near Courtland, VA. (Southampton Co.)  His dad reports that he is killing him in Taxidermy fee's.  Checkout Lee with the striper below.

photo courtesy of Lee White, Jr.


Not to be outdone by her cousin Casey below, 17 yr. old VPSA member Christy West, daughter of member Raymond West harvested this nice 8 pt. buck on Thanksgiving Day   (11-27-03.)  The buck has 8 pts. and is 15" wide. 

photo courtesy of Raymond West


12 yr. old, VPSA youth member Casey West and daughter of member Todd West harvested this buck on opening day 11-15-03 in Isle of Wight Co.  The buck has 6 pts. and is 16 6/8" wide.  Nice going Casey!

photo courtesy of Raymond West


VPSA board member Steve Little harvested this 660 lb. black bear while hunting with a club in the City of Suffolk on 11-03-03.

courtesy of Raymond West & Steve Little


VPSA member Lee M. White, III caught this nice striper this past summer while fishing with his father.

photo courtesy Lee White Jr.

2002- 2003 Hunting Photos

13 year old VPSA member Hunter Spitzer  took his first buck (above) while black-powder hunting with his father, Pete Spitzer.

 On Thanksgiving Day, Hunter again scored on a 14 pt. buck (below) using a slug at 60 yds while hunting by himself.  Both bucks were harvested in Sussex Co.

photos courtesy of Mark Maxwell


2001- 2002 Hunting Photos

VPSA member Daniel Boyd with deer he harvested in Isle of Wight Co. during the 2001-02 Season.

Photo courtesy of Allen P. Thacker


Turkeys harvested by VPSA member Mike Rodgers during the spring 2002 hunting season.

Top:  Taken April 15 in Sussex Co.  This bird weighed in at 19 lbs. and had 3/4" spurs.

Bottom: Taken April 16 in Sussex Co. near Yale, VA.  This bird weighed in at 17 lbs., had a 11" beard and 1" spurs.


Deer harvested by member Ben Pickin (Left).  Ken Pickin, VPSA President (Right)


VPSA member Henry Watson, harvest this deer while still hunting in Gloucester County with a 12 ga. slug gun on Nov. 20, 2001.  The buck has 8 pts. and is 21 1/2" wide and weighed in at 165 lbs.

photo courtesy of Henry Watson


VPSA member Mike Rodgers, harvested this deer with a muzzleloader on Nov. 10, 2001 while hunting in Sussex Co.  The deer had a live weight of 205 lbs.

photo courtesy of Mike Rodgers


Lee M. White, III  harvested this partially white doe while hunting with the Davis-Ridley Hunt Club of Courtland, VA on Nov. 21, 2001.
One hour later, Lee harvest this nice 8 pt. buck.  According to his father, 2 other men shot at the deer 5 times and missed.  The buck then swam the river (background of photo) and Lee shot the deer at 70 yrds.  WAY TO GO, LEE!

photos courtesy of Lee M. White, Jr.


VPSA Member Daniel Little harvested this nice buck on the 19th. of Nov.  Daniel & his father had seen the buck behind the house many times with several other bucks.  Unfortunately, the buck only had 6 pts. by the time Daniel had the opportunity to harvest him.  It appears that the left side had been broken off fighting with one of the other bucks.  Daniels deer weighed in at 175 lbs.

photo courtesy of Steve Little